Well, we did it.

After waking up this morning, being hit by a truck is the only way to describe how my body feels. Everything hurts. Sitting down and standing back up would be considered a productive WOD for today, but we regret nothing! Saturday’s CF24 event was a huge success for multiple reasons. With only a week to raise money for Special Olympics Canada, our box more than doubled our goal of $1000.00 with a grand total just shy of $2500.00. Not bad for deciding to do the event last minute. It also granted me the opportunity to get closer with our athletes to show people how powerful a tight-knit community can be. A solid dozen of us weathered the storm and stuck it out for the full 24 hours – I learned some things about these people that I cannot unlearn and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. What I do know is that I am extremely proud of them. Even when there was no midnight oil left to burn, they still continued to keep each other going with high fives and friendly chirps. I would also like to high five all of the people who couldn’t stay for the full 24 but came to do what they could. We appreciated the visits and the company.

THANK YOU! To everyone who decided to donate to our team. Your contribution will help Special Olympic Athletes all over Canada experience the benefits of physical activity. Because of you, they will get to reap the rewards of what many of us take for granted. Without you guys, this would not be possible.

THANK YOU! To all of our sponsors! To Anchor Coffee House for making us a much needed meal in the morning when we were all on the fritz. Thank you to Josie and our family at Armando’s Pizza for hooking us up with delicious pies for the entire night. Thank you to Darcy and the crew over at Infinit Canada for supplying us with “X-Cite”, the fuel that kept us all going when our tanks were running low. Thank you to Teresa for your famous salsa which I may have snuck home for my own selfish enjoyment. Thank you to Erin for bringing us the Booster Juice when our juices needed boostin’. Thank you to Frank for bringing us some Gatorade at the end of the night.

THANK YOU! To my wife for always being my biggest fan. For always supporting my endeavors and making my life easy. The coffee setup, bagels, fruit and snack table helped to keep all of us sane and having my baby boy there helped to distract me from the animals that we had become. For cleaning up and doing the dirty work when you didn’t have to. For buying me the most comfortable bed in our triage. I suffered comfortably, thanks to you 😊

THANK YOU! A special thank you to Linda, Tynker and Heddie for lending us games to entertain ourselves throughout the night. You helped us pass the time, kept our spirits up, and made the event an enjoyable experience. We played all of your games into the late hours of the night/day. Cornhole may have turned into European handball and Jungle Speed may have brought more injury than entertainment, but it was all very much appreciated.


Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the athletes at CFWHL for participating in this event with me. When I sent the email out, I didn’t expect such a positive response. Most of you curse me for the one-hour WOD, I didn’t think I would receive so much enthusiasm for 24 of them in a row. What you did during those 24 hours was prove that even when things seem impossible, a little bit of grit, camaraderie and toughness can pull you through. I was very curious to see when the wheels would start falling off. When I left the room and returned to find all of you playing hockey with the PVC pipes, I knew that the event had officially started. It was apparent that the sheer volume started beating up on our bodies. Hands were raw, shoulders tapped out, midline had gone out the window. But even when your bodies had broken down, you continued to push forward. As a Coach, it was fulfilling and beautiful to see. Everyone’s hygiene got pretty scary though, and there is nothing pretty about throwing around medballs on McDougall street at five in the morning.

If I missed anyone, I apologize. My body feels jet lagged and I might be concussed, I don’t know.

Until next year!


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