Julien Carciumaru

What is your nickname?
Juls, The Gambler
What is your dream WOD?
Fight Gone Bad
What is your nightmare WOD?
Anything with volume Thrusters
What are your Wheelhouse Movements?
Rower, Airdyne, Burpees, Double-Unders
What are your Kryptonite Movements?
Muscle-Ups, Toes-to-Bar, Overhead Squats
Squat: 305
Deadlift: 425
Bench: 270
Front Squat: 275
Snatch: 155
Clean: 245
Jerk: 235
What is your PB Song?
The Dark Knight – Best of Score
What skill would you like to learn this year?
Ring Muscle Ups
Cheat Meal Choice?
The Joe Schmoes’ Spicy Pig Burger