Jessyca Mar Hernandez

What is your nickname?
Jess or Rooster
What is your dream WOD?
Anything w/ Deadlifts, Power Cleans and Rope Climbs
What is your nightmare WOD?
Anything with Thrusters, Wall Balls or OH Squats
What are your wheelhouse movements
Power Cleans & Deadlifts
What are your kryptonite movements
Air Dyne (Makes me want to puke!)
Back Squat: 175
Deadlift: 235
Bench: 125
Front Squat: 140
Snatch: 75
Clean: 85
Jerk: 95
What is your PB song?
Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit
What skill would you like to learn this year?
Kipping Pull Ups / Kipping Chest to Bar
Cheat Meal Choice?
Pizza, Flings, or just food…. lots and lots of food