Jenna Sauvé

What is your nickname?
Sauvé or Suavé
What is your dream WOD?
Airdyne and Rope Climbs
What is your nightmare WOD?
16.4 and 17.4
What are your Wheelhouse Movements?
Airdyne and Burpees
What are your Kryptonite Movements?
Pull ups and Handstands
Squat: 190
Deadlift: 225
Bench: 100
Front Squat: 170
Snatch: 85
Clean: 135
Jerk: 120
What is your PB Song?
Toxicity – System of a Down
What skill would you like to learn this year?
Muscle Ups
Cheat Meal Choice?
Ben and Jerry’s – Peanut butter half baked ice cream