Bobby Tran

What is your nickname?
B, Booby Miles, Bobcat
What is your dream WOD?
Lynne – I’ll date you any day
What is your nightmare WOD?
What are your Wheelhouse Movements?
Deadlifts, Ring Dips, Rope Climbs
What are your Kryptonite Movements?
Running, Wall Ball, Thrusters
Squat: 450
Deadlift: 600
Bench: 380
Front Squat: 365
Snatch: 230
Clean: 280
Jerk: 315
What is your PB Song?
The Northern – Alexisonfire
What skill would you like to learn this year?
Handstand Walks
Cheat Meal Choice?
Popeyes Chicken, and anything from Armando’s!!