Crossfit Workhorse Teens is a strength and conditioning program designed for 13-17 year old athletes and non-athletes alike. These classes will integrate many different disciplines into our programming; expect a combination of age appropriate weightlifting, gymnastics, kettle bell, and bodyweight movements, as well as accessory strength work to help mold everything together effectively and deliver optimal fitness and performance.

This isn’t your conventional ‘Globo Gym’ where we battle health and fitness performance with an elliptical, a set of dumbbells, and the infamous Pec Dec, whilst refilling our soda machine in the back. Here at CrossFit Workhorse Lifestyle we do things a little differently. In the teens class, our CrossFit certified trainers prioritize teaching our young workhorses how to move well and efficiently through proper body mechanics, keeping them injury free, and further setting them up for success across all life domains.

The terms ‘constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity’ are our bread and butter when it comes the foundation of the programming. No day will be the same as the last. This means each class will consist of a different format. Whether it is variations in length (time), difficulty, intensity, or modality (movements/exercises), each workout will elicit a different, yet unique stimulus that will propel you to a stronger, more capable version of yourself.

What we learn and experience in the gym, we apply both on and off the field. With workouts that are scalable for all individuals, CrossFit Workhorse Teens can equally benefit both the accomplished athletes, as well as the less active individual.

This class is offered:
Monday / Thursday @ 6:30pm – 7:30pm, and Sunday @ 10:00am – 11:00am

CrossFit Teens MEMBERSHIP: $189.99